Meet Our Team

Akber Pabani

Chief Financial Officer

Alaina Dougherty

Director of Content Strategy

Albany Muria

Assistant Project Manager

Alex Jenner

Enrollment Data Specialist

Alex Keth

Junior Software Developer

Aliyah Quill

Database & Research Intern

Ashley Riser

Enrollment Data Manager

Brian Claridge

Platform & Productivity Architect

Chad Gregory

Software Engineering Manager

Chad Talbert


Dana Irwin

Project Manager, Student Search

Dara Corrato

Client Care Specialist

David Conly

Vice President of Client Care

Deb Wright

Director of Implementations

Drew Johnson

Platform & Productivity Manager

Eliseu Dantas

Software Engineer

Elizabeth Bross

Executive Director of Enrollment Data, Strategy, and Analytics

Emily Rolfe

Quality Manager and Agile Coach, Innovation

Emma McAneny

Vice President of Enrollment Software

Erica Shaw

Quality Analyst, Innovation

Erika Anderson

Quality Analyst, Student Search

Gabe Rodriguez

Marketing & Operations Intern

Glenna Ryan

Vice President of Search Operations

Jamie Levick

Director of People and Culture

Jared Forell

Enrollment Data Specialist

Jason Bray


Jason Frost

Vice President of Enrollment Data, Strategy, and Analytics

Jesse White

Enrollment Data Specialist

Jessica Bittner

Enrollment Data Strategist

Jim Slavin

Executive Vice President of Enrollment Software

Joanna Everett

Financial Operations Manager

Josh PeterSmith


Justin Hamm

Software Engineer

Justin Levine

CRM Implementation Manager

Laura Kitslaar

Project Manager, Student Search

Lisa Ruscitelli

Director of Print Services

Megan Bowe

Product Manager

Megan Tvedt

Implementation Manager

Melissa Lupton

Quality Analyst, Innovation

Michelle Cook

Project Manager, Student Search

Mike Matthews

Executive Vice President of Enrollment Services

Molly Erker

Vice President of Enrollment Data and Operations

Morgan Frederick

Quality Director, Student Search

Nichole Eisenzopf

Vice President of Search Services

Nick Tillman

Creative Director

Pedro Faria

Software Engineer

Perry Tryfonas

Senior System Administrator

Pete Mueller

Client Care Specialist

Dr. Randy Deike

Executive Vice President of Student Success

Robert Fitzhugh

Associate Controller, Accounting & Legal

Russell Schroeder

Chief Technology Officer

Shelly Spiegel

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer

Tracy Panter-Arndt

Client Care Specialist

Whitney Rose


Zach Beerger

Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Zaneb Ghanem

Client Care Specialist