Who We Are

Fire Engine RED was one of the first fully remote companies in the U.S and have been fully remote since our company was founded in 2001.

Fire Engine RED has a positive and supportive culture and we’re proud that 76% of our team members were referred to us by another team member.

What We Value


We celebrate diversity and are committed to bringing people of different backgrounds and perspectives into our company.


We’re committed to improving our offerings and believe that “good enough is never good enough.”


We believe “it takes a team” to do our best work.


We strive to simplify everything we do.


We believe a healthy and happy team is a productive team.

Client Service

We strive to “wow” our clients and to exceed their expectations again and again.


We’re honest, authentic, and transparent. We trust each other to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.


We appreciate our coworkers and our clients for contributing to the success of our company.


We put ourselves in others’ shoes and try to see things from their perspective.


We don’t get discouraged by challenges and setbacks. We’re resilient and stay focused on our long-term goals.

Join Us

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Fire Engine RED, we’re committed to continuously learning and growing as both a company and as people. Our goal is to create an inclusive workspace where all team members flourish and feel supported. We value diversity and believe that employing people who have different perspectives and life experiences makes us a better, more innovative company. So, no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, culture, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, family status, or ability, we value you and your skills, and hope you apply.

To learn more about our commitment to increasing our team’s diversity, see How Fire Engine RED has created a culture that values and celebrates diversity.


Work from anywhere

Competitive salary

Opportunity to work with top talent

Company-provided equipment

Medical/dental/vision insurance

Short-term and long-term disability insurance

Basic life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance

Health savings account

Wellness program with generous financial incentives

401(k) with 3% company contribution

Everyone leaves 90 mins. early on Fridays

Unlimited sick days

Unlimited vacation

Paid holidays (10 days)

Paid parental leave (8 weeks)

Paid family leave (4 weeks)

Every day is bring-your-pet-to-work day

No office politics (no office, that’s why)

No committees or bureaucracy of any kind

1/2 day off – Eclipse Day (08/12/2045)

What our Team Members
are Saying

We asked our team members how they would describe our culture to a job applicant …

“Want a company culture that truly walks the walk? Fire Engine RED is it. Not only is there a healthy work-life balance, but the diversity of colleagues (personally, professionally, and cognitively) results in high-performing teams, increased engagement, top talent, and optimum decision-making. Fire Engine RED is truly harnessing the power of diversity one hire at a time.”

“Fire Engine RED’s values, in my opinion, are unparalleled. I’ve never experienced a more caring and supportive group of co-workers in my career. Team members truly care about each other and that includes people’s lives outside of work. They want to make the work environment – and the world – a better place. They also want to learn more about each unique individual at the company. Fire Engine RED is full of fascinating and diverse backgrounds and it’s a company that truly cares.”

“Fire Engine RED truly believes in work/life balance. This is the first time in my very long career that I’m not stressed about needing to take time off for whatever reason. I also can end my day at the appropriate time and not be expected to be on call or available. The end of the work day is just that. I’m thankful every day for the team I work with.”

“Everyone is invested in the success of each other and our clients. One of the values that I respect the most is how the company strives to always be learning. Fire Engine RED embraces its employees from all walks of life and wants to listen to and learn about people’s backgrounds, cultures, identities, and more. “

“The company provides a safe and supportive space for all. I can honestly say I feel seen, heard, and supported. My colleagues are like a second family. I’m grateful to be part of such an amazing company.”

“Fire Engine RED does not just say we support diversity, we actively seek to make this a part of who we are. I have learned more about all walks of life from my team member’s stories and the educational activities Fire Engine RED contributes to than I did throughout all my official schooling. Anyone with an accepting and open mind will love it here at Fire Engine RED”

“Phenomenal company to work for if you’re looking for a remote company that prioritizes work/life balance.”

“Fire Engine RED is committed to its people. The company culture respects the humanity of the team and tries to ensure that all company decisions are balanced against our needs, desires, wellness, and priorities. In addition, Fire Engine RED encourages us to explore and share our unique experiences and to embrace the diversity that our fellow teammates bring to the company.”

Open Positions

Currently, we don’t have any job openings

To learn more about our culture and values, see The Fire Engine RED Way and our Employee Handbook.

Also, check out Fully Remote: How to set up, lead, and manage your own successful all-remote company, which was written by Shelly Spiegel, our CEO & Chief Creative Officer. The book includes several sections on our company culture, values, innovative benefits, and more.