As I was reviewing our Student Search Scorecard, which enables me to track the performance of our Search projects, something immediately jumped out.

I saw not one, but two sets of open rates.

As if the world wasn’t complicated enough … any email sent to students who use Apple Mail (i.e. iPhones!) are now automatically counted as opens, even if the student did not open the message.

Great. So, you’re probably asking yourself …

  1. How do I identify the teenagers from the robots?
  2. With all this data noise, how do I know which students deserve additional focus?
  3. Finally, how do I make meaningful year-to-year comparisons, not Apples and oranges?

I won’t give away the recipe for our secret sauce … but it took a very committed team of Search, data, and software engineers to identify, assess, and reveal the real data.

So what should you do if your email opens look spectacular, but you can’t explain why?

We can help.

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