Fireworks CRM makes managing the complex admissions process dramatically simpler and less expensive. It will save your recruitment office valuable time and money on:

  1. Staffing. Fireworks will boost your office’s productivity without requiring you to hire additional staff. For example, Fireworks will let you automate your communication plan and schedule repetitive tasks, such as importing/exporting data and more.


  2. IT support. Fireworks includes unlimited live support from our legendary Client Care team – at no extra cost – so your office won’t need to rely on your already overtaxed IT department for support.


  3. Operations. With Fireworks, virtually everything is customizable, so the system adapts to you rather than the other way around. That means no more spending time creating clunky, inefficient workarounds.


  4. Reporting. Fireworks will organize all the data you need in one place, so you don’t have to waste time cobbling together data from various sources. For example, you can generate custom reports using any combination of fields, and make year-over-year comparisons in a single report. In addition, Fireworks will show you campaign results in real time – delivery rate, opens, click-thrus, and more – so you don’t have to wait for results to come in.


  5. Implementation. Fireworks takes approximately 16-weeks to implement while other CRMs can take a year or more. We do all the “heavy lifting,” and provide consultative and technical support along the way.


  6. Training. Fireworks provides a simple, intuitive, consumer-software-like experience (think Apple® and Google®). So you and your team will be able to start using it immediately without lengthy training sessions that take you away from your work. And if you do want extra additional training, it’s completely free!

See it for yourself

We’ve priced Fireworks so that it’s affordable to community colleges. Best of all, implementation, training, and ongoing support is included. And there are no per-user license fees or other hidden fees.