No matter what your Student Search goals are – finding new markets; improving your academic profile; maximizing primary markets; reaching low-income students – we can use the power of Predictive Modeling to help you achieve them.

We’ll build a custom model (not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution) for you. This will help you focus your resources on the areas that will drive the greatest returns for your specific enrollment needs.

Want proof? We’ve got it … take a look at these three Predictive Modeling case studies and you’ll become a believer.

Senior Search: Applicants, admits, enrolled … all UP

One of our clients wanted to increase the number of high-achieving students – nationwide – that applied to their school via the Common App. Our strategy was to build a predictive model using two of our unique data sources, and increase the size of their list purchase by 25%. The results speak for themselves. All of the school’s key Senior Search numbers went up – inquiries increased by 70% … applicants increased by 585% … and admits increased by 420%.

Junior & Sophomore Search: Inquiries UP 21%

A small, southern private college we partnered with wanted to increase the number of inquiries coming from their primary markets. So, we used their historical data and two of our unique data sources … and added a new list source at a key time of year. They were pleased to see their inquiries from these markets go up … 21% higher year over year.

Junior Search Inquiries: UP 141%

Another client – a private college in the mid-Atlantic region – was also interested in boosting inquiries; their focus though, was on three new markets in three distant states. Again, we used historical data and two unique data sources … and identified likely-to-apply students from the states they were targeting. The result? Drumroll, please … inquiries in the three newly targeted states went up 141% year over year!

The bottom line

So if you’re looking for a powerful way to meet – or even exceed – your Student Search goals, Predictive Modeling works. To find out more, let’s talk.