Our CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Shelly Spiegel, founded our company on December 5, 2001 … and named it after her favorite color: Fire Engine RED. As of last Saturday, we’ve been serving the admissions market for nearly a decade and a half!

It wasn’t the greatest time to start an admissions-focused technology company, soon after 9/11, the anthrax scare, and the dot-com crash. But that didn’t deter Shelly. She poured the limited resources she had into building the best software products and support services possible, hoping clients would be so impressed they’d spread the word. And they did … over the next decade, Fire Engine RED grew to serve more than 500 clients (adding Student Search services along the way).

Fire Engine RED is also a “100% distributed” company, and has been since that day in December 2001. The people Shelly wanted to hire weren’t necessarily in Philadelphia, where Shelly lives … so instead of bringing them to Philly, she brought jobs to them. Now, we have 69 team members across the U.S. and Canada … with no central (and costly!) office.

Also, we’ll soon have another reason to celebrate, as we release the latest version of our Fireworks CRM for admissions in January 2016. (Want a preview? Check out some screenshots!) It’s been a great 14 years of providing our admissions clients with marketing, technology, and data solutions … and we’re looking forward to serving you for the next 14!