Fireworks CRM


They said it couldn’t be done … but we’re doing it! We’re disrupting the status quo – and bringing real innovation to the admissions market – with the first-ever admissions recruitment CRM to provide users with a consumer-like experience.

Fireworks CRM® was created for schools that recruit students including community colleges, two-year and four-year colleges, graduate schools, law schools, medical schools, and seminary schools.

We’ve made the complex admissions process dramatically simpler to manage. And, in the process, we’ve revolutionized the whole idea of what an admissions recruitment CRM should be.

Scroll down for a partial list of clients and a list of the features and functionality included in Fireworks CRM.

Fireworks CRM Devices

Fireworks CRM Clients (Partial List)

User Experience

No technical knowledge required
Administer and utilize Fireworks without any coding or technical expertise.

Consumer-like user experience
Provides a simple, intuitive, consumer-software-like experience (think Apple® and Google®).

Built for admissions
Fireworks was built from the ground up by Fire Engine RED. It’s not a corporate sales tool (think Microsoft Dynamics®/Salesforce®/Zoho®) that has been jerry-rigged for admissions.

Uses admissions terminology
Everything looks familiar and makes sense from the start.

Responsively designed
Designed to adapt dynamically to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. No need to use an app when you’re on the go.

Designed for accessibility
Accessible to people with low vision, corrective lenses, and color blindness.


Powered by modern tools & technology
Uses tools, coding languages, and software engines that power some of today’s most innovative technology companies, including Airbnb®, Amazon®, Netflix®, and Zillow® .

Hosted solution
Hosted on Amazon Web Services® (AWS), the leading cloud platform. Works in any major browser and is available anywhere you can connect to the internet.

No third-party purchases or support required
All tools, including email and texting, are provided through Fireworks, which makes for a seamless user experience.


Bi-directional integrations
Provides bi-directional integrations with ACES2®, Banner, CAMS®, Colleague, Jenzabar®, PeopleSoft®, PowerCampus®, and other systems.

Standard integrations
Provides integrations with testing providers such as ACT, AP, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, and TOEFL, and others.

Online payment processing
Integrates with many payment gateways, including TouchNet,, NelNet, Nova Info/Elavon, and Paypal/PayFlowPro.

API integrations (currently in development)
Will provide API integration with Ellucian Colleague® and Ellucian Banner®.


Data encryption
Data is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel, using https, and encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Backup & disaster recovery
Full system backups are performed weekly, incremental backups are performed nightly, and transaction-log backups are performed hourly.

Single Sign-On (Coming Soon)
Direct integration with institutional SSO (i.e. SAML)

User Permissions

Unlimited users
Includes unlimited user licenses.

Simple set-up
No technical experience required.

Granular permission groups
Customize permissions at the field level for each user.


A home for all your data
Collect and store all of your admissions-related data.

Create and store multiple record types
Create and store unique records for students, counselors, parents, high schools, colleges, employers, & community-based organizations.

Assign multiple roles
Assign multiple roles to people, such as “parent” and “alum”.

Associate & store unlimited data
Associate and store unlimited mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, applications, interests, sources, etc., with each record.

Track admissions status
Track students through the recruitment funnel (e.g., inquiry, applicant complete, admit).

Manage interactions
Track, view, and edit all interactions (e.g., email, text, campus visit, college fair) with students on a single screen.

Create unlimited custom fields
Create all the custom fields and values you need.

Update records in bulk
Schedule and update select fields in batches.

Archive and report on historical records
Search and report on archived records.

Document storage
Attach one or more documents to a student’s record.


(A Fireworks exclusive)

Create & associate relationship records
Create and associate one or more relationships (e.g., parent, high school, sibling, counselor) with a student record, manually or upon import.

Measure the value of each relationship
Focus on the people, organizations, and places that matter most. For example, run a report that tells you how many of your applicants attended a high school that offers 10+ AP courses.

Communicate with relationships
Communicate with a student’s relationships. For example, send communications to school counselors whose students were accepted for the fall.

Powerful search capability
Provides a powerful Google-like search experience enabling you to find records quickly and easily.

Search on every data field within a single search
Define and build search parameters using all fields and conditions. No need to do multiple searches to get your results.

Build complex searches
No coding or technical expertise required.

Import & Export

No technical expertise required
Build, run, and schedule import/export packages.

Convert complex data
Automatically convert complex data values (e.g., ethnicity, majors, race, state abbreviations) from external sources (e.g., campus-wide system, test sources, search lists) to internal values.

Utilize standard import packages
Provides standard import packages for frequently used data sources (e.g., ACT, Common Application, LSAT, NRCCUA, SAT).

Create custom import/export packages
Build import/export packages based on your school’s needs.

Save & schedule import/export packages
Makes repeated imports/exports to the same source much more efficient.

Duplicate Management

20+ robust matching rules
All incoming records are checked against a set of 20+ sophisticated matching rules to determine if it’s a new or duplicate record.

Resolve possible duplicates
You have the option of creating a new record or merging the potential duplicate with an existing record.


Create tasks
Assign tasks (e.g., call students, review applications, schedule events) to yourself or other staff members.

Manage tasks
Categorize tasks (e.g., communications, applicants, events) for better organization.

Set priority levels
Prioritize individual tasks (e.g., high, medium, low).

Set deadlines & track progress
Set deadlines and monitor staff progress (e.g., complete, in progress, not started).

New Student Leads

(Community colleges only)

Receive access to hundreds of new leads from a national test-based service at no additional cost.

Broadcast Email

Choose your audience
Send unlimited messages to any individual or group, including purchased lists.

Segment by field
Segment by any field or combination of fields (e.g., location, major, term).

Automate communications
Automatically send communications based on actions taken by people and/or organizations. For example, set up a series of follow-up email messages to go to any student who opens an email.

Powerful design features
Create and modify responsively designed messages and templates using our HTML “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor.

Personalize your emails
Use merge tags to personalize your email messages.

Preview messages in 30+ email clients
Automatically see how messages will display in popular email readers (e.g., Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook) and on mobile devices (e.g., iPhone 11, Samsung Note 10).

Spam testing
Automatically identify words, phrases, and other items that are likely to trigger spam filters.

HTML/URL validation
Test messages using HTML/URL validation.

Schedule sends
Launch a campaign immediately, or schedule it for a future date or time.

View email communications plan
View your communications plan in a calendar or list format.

Track results in real time
Track and measure your campaign results, including delivery rate, bounces, opens, clicks, delivery rate, unsubscribes, etc.


Choose your audience
Send text messages to any individual or group.

Segment by field
Segment messages by any field or combination of fields (e.g., location, major, term).

Schedule sends
Send texts immediately or schedule them for a future date or time.

Send reminders
Send reminders (e.g., event invitations, deadline notifications) based on specific dates and times.

Personalize your text messages
Use merge tags to personalize your text messages.

Build relationships
Have two-way text conversations with students at all stages in the admissions funnel.

Automatically manage opt-outs
Enable recipients to automatically opt-out of texts.

View text communications plan
View your communications plan in a calendar or list format.

Live Chat

Chat with your website visitors
Chat 1-on-1 with your website visitors in real time.

Offline availability
Enable students to email your office if there aren’t any counselors available.

Review chat history
Access a student’s previous chats with your office.

Brand the chat interface
Apply your branding to the chat window.

Simultaneous chats
Chat privately with multiple students at the same time.

Receive notifications
Receive an alert when someone starts a chat session.

Chat transcript
Provide students with a transcript of their chat.


Create letters, postcards, & labels
Access standard templates or create your own using our “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor.

Schedule sends
Schedule print jobs immediately or schedule them for a future date or time.

Personalize your letters
Use merge tags to personalize your letters.

View print communications plan
View your communications plan in a calendar or list format.


Create unlimited forms
Build as many customized forms as you need (e.g., inquiry, enrollment deposit, registration forms).

Apply your branding
Customize the look and feel of your forms and confirmation screens/messages.

Mobile-first design
Enable viewing and form submissions from a mobile device.

Pre-populate fields
Pre-populate the information you already know.

Utilize conditional logic
Introduce or hide questions based on the student’s prior answers.


Apply your branding
Customize the look and feel of your applications and application-related email messages.

Mobile-first design
Enable viewing and application submissions from a mobile device.

Pre-populate fields
Pre-populate the information you already know.

Utilize conditional logic
Introduce or hide questions based on the student’s prior answers.

Save progress
Allow students to save their application and complete it over multiple sessions.

Track progress
See which students have started but not yet completed your application.

Request documentation
Allow students to request and track online recommendations from teachers, coaches, etc.

Upload documentation
Upload documents such as essays, personal statements, and résumés.

Accept online payments
Integrate with your payment gateway (e.g., TouchNet,, NelNet, Nova Info/Elavon, Paypal/PayFlowPro).

Waive fees
Waive your application fee for all, or select, students.

Print completed applications
Print custom PDFs of completed applications one-by-one or in batches.

Store multiple applications
Store unlimited applications, including those provided by third-party vendors (e.g., Common Application, LSAC, state-wide applications).


Create unlimited registration forms
Create forms for your on- and off-campus interviews and recurring events.

Apply your branding
Customize the look and feel of your registration forms and confirmation messages.

Flexible format
Present your events in a list or calendar.

Mobile-first design
Enable sign-up from a mobile device.

Manage events
Set guest limits and registration deadlines, track attendance, and create customized itineraries.

Create surveys
Automatically send a post-event survey to attendees.

Accept online payments
Integrate with your payment gateway (e.g, TouchNet,, NelNet, Nova Info/Elavon, Paypal/PayFlowPro).

Manage special requests
Automate internal emails for special requests (e.g., wheelchair accessibility, faculty appointment, visit with coaches).

Send confirmation messages
Automatically send confirmation messages and reminders.

Email Response

Answer incoming emails quickly
Respond to incoming email messages in a quick, customized, consistent way – most messages answered in less than one minute.

Sort & route emails
Automatically sort and route messages to the appropriate staff member to answer.

Reporting & Analytics

Best reporting & analytics
Provides best real-time reports (e.g., Year-over-Year, Funnel, and ROI) of ANY admissions CRM.

No technical knowledge required
Generate reports without any coding or technical expertise.

Utilize predefined reports
Access standard reports to quickly view and analyze your recruitment and admissions data.

Visualize data
View data in a variety of ways, including bar, line, pie charts, and more.

Build custom reports
Create custom reports using any combination of data fields.

Utilize formulas
Utilize admissions-relevant formulas (e.g., applicant rate, admit rate, yield rate) in any report.

Create personalized dashboards
Build dynamic dashboards with the reports you frequently access.

Download reports
Export reports in a CSV, Excel, or PDF format.


Start when you’re ready
Begin the implementation process on your timeline.

Fully managed process
You’ll be assigned a dedicated implementation specialist who previously worked in admissions. They’ll guide you through the process — from end to end — and do the “heavy lifting” for you.

Training & Support

Minimal training required
We’ll provide you with unlimited, live, online training customized to your needs. Because Fireworks is intuitive, simple to use, and delivers a consumer-software-like experience, minimal training is required.

Unlimited, live support
Our legendary Client Care team is available to you, your entire staff, AND the students you serve 365 days a year. Our Client Care team provides you with “knock-your-(RED)-socks-off” care.

Additional Services

(Included with your subscription)

Consulting on admissions recruitment
We’ll share CRM best practices and help you implement them.

Email templates
We’ll create up to three (3) custom-designed email templates for you.

Communications strategy
We’ll evaluate your communications plan and help you build a communications strategy to maximize your results.

Reports & analytics
We’ll create actionable, custom reports for you that will help you make better, data-driven decisions.

RFI/RFP Resources

If you’re about to dive into the admissions CRM selection process, these three invaluable resources will save you countless hours and headaches. They took our team months to put together; take one look and you’ll see why!

admissions crm resource

Fireworks CRM: Features & Functionality Fact Sheet
A list of the features and functionality included in Fireworks.

admissions crm resource

RFP Requirements List for an Admissions Recruitment CRM
The critical questions to ask.

admissions crm resource

21 Crucial Questions to Ask in Your Admissions Recruitment CRM RFI
The 21 questions you simply must ask, and the reasons why it’s imperative that you ask them.