Financial Aid Strategy & Student Success

True enrollment success isn’t measured by the size, academic profile, or personal characteristics of your first-year class.

It’s about achieving success across the entire student life cycle. It’s about leveraging your budget and focusing your institutional efforts on investing in students and strategies that ultimately result in satisfied alumni.

Just as students deserve personalized attention, you deserve a solution tailored to your institution. Our models provide student-level predictions, and our overall engagements are customized for every client.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with one particular component of enrollment management, or need a comprehensive approach to student life cycle success, we can meet your needs.

Financial Aid Strategy

Our models will help you achieve headcount, revenue, profile, and retention goals. We leverage increasingly robust and precise data collection tools, from name purchases through graduation, to build targeted financial aid modeling that best serves individual students, as well as institutional budgets.

Student Success

Our models provide the insights required to identify the ongoing financial and interpersonal support needed to ensure that every student persists and graduates. In the face of challenging demographic trends and increased competition, it is imperative that institutions execute a comprehensive plan to maximize retention.