Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing is complicated, fast-moving, and essential to enrollment success. What does it take to get results?

It’s not about bombarding students with endless, mind-numbing ads or generating millions of impressions. It’s about generating meaningful results that grow enrollment, which requires deep expertise and a disciplined modeling, data, and analytic approach. It also requires a strategic, nimble, measurable, and dynamic approach by a team of data, enrollment, digital, and creative strategists.

Fire Engine RED brings all of the above to the table and much more.

Digital Services

Fire Engine RED offers the following line up of digital marketing services:


IP targeting




Social media




Display ads


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Management (SEM)

These services can help you achieve your strategic enrollment goals including:

  • Increasing campus visits
  • Increasing student response rates
  • Generating (and complete!) more applications
  • Increasing yields
  • Increasing parent engagement
  • Supporting off-campus recruitment activities
  • Reaching your most desired students -and- their families
  • Capturing the attention of students searching for schools like yours (or your competitors!)
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Targeting specific audiences based on their location
  • Continuing to engage with your previous website visitors
  • Encouraging students to engage with your social media page and posts
  • Increasing your social media followers

Digital Communications Plan

Once we understand your specific goals, we’ll create and execute a customized digital communication plan for you that maximizes your return on your digital investment.

As part of your communication plan, we will:

  • Ensure your messaging is closely aligned across all stages of your recruitment and enrollment process.
  • Determine which student audiences and parents to target. Search names? Younger Inquiries? Inquiries you want to apply? Applicants you need to complete their file? Admits you want to enroll? Parents at any stage?
  • Determine when to target each audience for maximum success. How should your search campaigns, print and digital efforts work to support each other? Should you use digital advertising to immediately compliment your Search campaign or yield efforts or should you wait a week or two?
  • Determine which digital platforms will work best for engaging each audience. Are your students in school, learning at home, or at Starbucks? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, or something you haven’t heard of yet? And what about their parents?
  • Recommend opportunities to effectively reach students who are similar (often termed “lookalike audiences”) to your demographically-targeted populations. (We will leverage the machine learning utilized by platforms to identify students who match your prospect data lists and who are most likely to convert e.g., visit your website site, submit a form, or apply).
  • Create the right messaging, design, and placement to reach each audience on each platform.
  • Ensure your messaging and design is consistent across all media and with your institution’s brand. Students will see your placements on a variety of devices at a variety of times on a variety of platforms. If your placements are inconsistent, they will confuse your audience – and keep them from noticing that key message that makes them want to click.

Robust Reporting

We will provide you with regular, actionable reports measuring the effectiveness of your digital efforts. From mico-conversions to enhancements in yield rates, we track everything that matters, and make frequent adjustments to ensure we retain a tight focus on driving meaningful results. It’s not just about impressions and clicks – it’s about focusing those actions to meet your overall marketing and enrollment goals.