How to Use Inquiry Scoring to Help You Make Your Class and Save Money

View this in-depth, highly informative webinar, hosted by Fire Engine RED’s EVP of Enrollment Data, Strategy & Analytics, Jeff McLaughlin.

Learn how we build models that accurately predict and rank an individual student’s likelihood of applying to your institution.

In just 30 invaluable minutes, we’ll show you how Inquiry Scoring can help you:

  • Plan. The sooner you can figure out who’s going to apply, the better.
  • Save. Reduce your recruitment costs (e.g., print and postage).
  • Evaluate. Determine the relative value of your inquiry sources.
  • Target. Focus on low-likelihood – but highly desirable – students (affluence, diversity, etc.).
  • Reallocate. Re-deploy resources where you need them (staff, travel, etc.).

To learn more about Inquiry Scoring, please reach out to us.