Consulting & Interim Leadership

From addressing your immediate needs to helping you develop and implement long-term plans, our strategic enrollment consultants can help you successfully navigate the rapidly changing higher education environment and position your school for future success.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

  • Our consultants are among the most experienced and highly respected practitioners in the industry — no other company has ever assembled this level of talent.
  • We don’t require you to purchase a predefined package of services – we customize our services to fit your needs and never use templates or off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Our consultants are supported by Fire Engine RED’s renowned data and creative teams.
  • We not only provide you with recommendations and actionable strategies, we help you implement them.

Interim Leadership

Short-term leadership
If your enrollment operation is currently in transition, we can provide you with an experienced interim leader while you search for a permanent leader.


CRM data audit
We’ll audit your CRM data and suggest improvements, so you’re able to make better, more data-driven decisions in the future.

CRM data strategies
We’ll analyze your CRM data and help you transform it into actionable and effective strategies.

Data collection and best practices
We’ll help you improve your data collection processes and apply best practices.

New market identification
We’ll assess your existing markets, and identify opportunities and strategies for expansion that align with your school’s goals.


Operational best practices
We’ll audit your operational processes, look for opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity, and help you implement best practices.

Strategic enrollment planning
We’ll help you build a strategic enrollment plan that aligns with your school’s mission and academic vision, and advise your team on class size, class composition, and financial goals.

Vendor optimization
We’ll audit your vendor relationships, identify overlap, help determine the ROI you’re getting from each, and advise you on how to optimize your vendor budget.

Enrollment office mergers
We’ll assist your enrollment office throughout a merger with the integration of operations, consolidation of data, and coordination of combined strategic enrollment goals.


Coaching and mentoring
We’ll set your new leadership (and/or new hires) up for success by providing mentoring, ongoing guidance, and operational assistance to ensure they hit the ground running.

Board meeting preparation and reports
We’ll help you gather the right data for your board meetings, and put it into context with regard to industry trends. We’ll also assist you in preparing your reports and presentations so your message is effectively communicated.

Financial Aid

Financial aid advising
We’ll help you integrate and optimize your financial aid and enrollment strategies, operations, and communications.

Marketing and Communications

Funnel assessment
We’ll assess your student funnel for inefficiencies, responsiveness, and opportunities and then help you put those opportunities into practice.

Communications flow
We’ll help you optimize your communications flow by ensuring you’re delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the right channels, at the right time.

Transfer recruiting
We’ll work with you to create and implement a transfer recruitment plan.

Athletic recruiting
We’ll help facilitate and optimize the working relationship between your admissions office and your athletics department.