Why Duplicate Data Is a Real-Life Nightmare

Identifying and managing duplicate student records can be an absolute nightmare for community colleges. In today’s multi-channel communication environment, it’s not uncommon for community colleges to receive information from a number of different data sources and to make matters worse, the student data is often incomplete and inconsistent. And even if you’re successful in manually… Read More

7 Reasons Your Community College Needs a Recruitment CRM

It’s true, community colleges need a CRM (constituent relationship management system). When it comes to recruiting prospective students, student enrollment, and student experience, there is no better solution than implementing a community college CRM and here’s why: 1. Helps build better relationships “Relationship” is a CRM’s middle name. A constituent relationship management system will help… Read More

Top 6 Ways Fireworks CRM Will Save Your Community College Time and Money

Fireworks CRM (a constituent relationship management system) makes managing the complex admissions process dramatically simpler and less expensive for community colleges. When it comes to recruiting, retention, student success, and student experience, there is no better option for a community college CRM. Fireworks CRM will save your college recruitment office valuable time and money on:… Read More

Three Binge-worthy Admissions Recruitment CRM Blog Posts

CRMs have become a MUST-HAVE for admissions offices, including those at community colleges, four-year colleges, graduate schools, law schools, independent schools, medical schools, seminary schools, Catholic schools … you name it. If you’re about to dive in to the CRM selection process, well, I’m about to make your day! I’ve written three “binge-worthy” blog posts… Read More

The Top Five Reasons Why the CRM RFP Process Often Fails

Welcome to part one of my three-part series on choosing an admissions recruitment CRM! In this post, I’ll tell you why the Request for Proposal (RFP) process often leads to a disappointing outcome. Admissions offices typically spend as much as a year going through the CRM RFP process. Now, imagine putting in all that time… Read More