Speed Up or Be Left Behind

Back in the good old days of 2018, we used to talk about how we grappled with changes in the enrollment landscape. Revised SATs, prior-prior FAFSA, and opportunities in digital media – we generally addressed one significant change every enrollment cycle. In 2022 … the pace of change has accelerated so greatly that even well-designed… Read More

Why Duplicate Data Is a Real-Life Nightmare

Identifying and managing duplicate student records can be an absolute nightmare for community colleges. In today’s multi-channel communication environment, it’s not uncommon for community colleges to receive information from a number of different data sources and to make matters worse, the student data is often incomplete and inconsistent. And even if you’re successful in manually… Read More

7 Reasons Your Community College Needs a Recruitment CRM

It’s true, community colleges need a CRM (constituent relationship management system). When it comes to recruiting prospective students, student enrollment, and student experience, there is no better solution than implementing a community college CRM and here’s why: 1. Helps build better relationships “Relationship” is a CRM’s middle name. A constituent relationship management system will help… Read More

Top 6 Ways Fireworks CRM Will Save Your Community College Time and Money

Fireworks CRM (a constituent relationship management system) makes managing the complex admissions process dramatically simpler and less expensive for community colleges. When it comes to recruiting, retention, student success, and student experience, there is no better option for a community college CRM. Fireworks CRM will save your college recruitment office valuable time and money on:… Read More

What Our Pandemic Surveys & Models Are Telling Us

Given the bewildering number of changes roiling the enrollment landscape, it’s no surprise that we’re fielding increasing numbers of questions about our modeling. These come from existing clients, who have relied on us to refine purchases and communications, but also from prospective clients seeking clear direction about their next strategic steps. A Look Back Before… Read More

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Very early in my career, my first boss told me, “As you move through your professional life, keep in mind that anyone can identify problems, but the most valuable people suggest solutions.” Now, further in my career, it’s obvious that anyone can ask questions. But it takes expertise and discipline to ask the right questions…. Read More