About the Company

Fire Engine RED offers strategic enrollment management solutions and software to the education market. We were among the first fully remote companies in the U.S and have operated without a central office since Shelly J. Spiegel, our CEO & Chief Creative Officer, founded our company in 2001. Today, Fire Engine RED serves more than 300 educational institutions.

While most companies in the education market are publicly traded or owned by private equity firms, Fire Engine RED is one of the few businesses that is still owned by its founder. This has allowed our company to focus on the needs of our clients rather than the financial goals of investors.

Why we’ve always been fully remote

From the beginning, Fire Engine RED’s goal was to attract, hire, and retain highly sought-after education professionals with unique experience, skills, and credentials. We soon realized that the best way to do this was to create a fully remote workplace, which would enable the business to employ top talent no matter where they lived. And it worked.

We attract and retain top talent

Today, our company is home to 60-plus talented team members, including many highly-respected enrollment strategy and technology leaders. Our team members work in 23 states and three countries. And they stay with our company.


Leadership team members who have been with our company seven-plus years


Team members who have been with our company for 10-plus years


Team members who have been with our company five-plus years


Team members who worked in higher education prior to joining our company


Team members planning to stay with our company five or more years

We have a strong, positive culture

We are able to retain our team because of our strong, positive culture and shared values. These values include diversity, work-life balance, and innovation.


Team members were born outside of the U.S.


Team members who speak a second language


Team members who believe the company values work-life balance

Great client experiences start at Fire Engine RED

Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with us:

  • Our team members are experienced, knowledgeable, and productive.
  • Because our team members like their jobs, their managers, and the company they work for, they’re able to focus completely on serving our clients rather than searching for their next career opportunity.
  • Our team members will not try to sell you anything you don’t absolutely need.
  • And speaking of selling … you won’t need to worry that Fire Engine RED will be sold every three to five years (which is typical for companies owned by private equity firms) and that its new leadership will become consumed by short-term profits rather than developing long-term partnerships with its clients. Our CEO is not selling.
  • Our team members understand the education market and how it is changing. They’re excited to help you meet your immediate challenges as well as the challenges ahead.
  • You’ll work with the same team members, year after year. They’ll get to know you and understand your institution really, really well.
  • While many companies take a templated approach to everything they do (to save time and money), we take a custom approach. That’s because we put our clients first, and customized approaches deliver superior results.
  • As your needs evolve, additional subject matter experts will join your core Fire Engine RED team. These team members have deep expertise in all aspects of recruitment, financial aid, retention, student success, and technology.

The bottom line: When you work with Fire Engine RED, our team becomes your team – for the long-term!