1. Our clients get great ROI: Last Search cycle, our Senior Search clients received an ROI of 14.5% (on average) in Net Revenue, including discount rate, for every dollar they spent with us.

  2. Inquiries are going up, up, up: Last Search cycle, our Junior & Sophomore Search clients saw an increase of 22% (on average) in inquiries year-over-year.

  3. Our senior strategists work directly with our clients: Our team of senior strategists collaborates directly with our Search clients on every aspect of their Search project(s).

  4. We have exclusive access to a unique data source: We’re the only Search provider that uses the College Board’s Segment Analysis Service, the most educationally relevant and predictive data source, to build our custom models.

  5. You have our leadership team’s full attention: Every two weeks, our Search leadership team (including our CEO) reviews the status of every Search project.

  6. We deliver real-time data: Our Search clients can track the results of their project in real-time through a customized web interface.

  7. You get frequent Engagement Reports: Our Search clients receive a customized, granular Engagement Report every two weeks during the course of their project.

  8. You get frequent ROI Reports, too: At the end of the enrollment cycle, we provide every Search client with a report that shows their return on investment.

  9. You find out what works and how your results compare to others: During summer, our Search leadership team meets with each client to discuss data trends from across our client base, and to tell them how their results compare to similar schools.

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