It’s true, community colleges need a CRM (constituent relationship management).

When it comes to recruiting prospective students, student enrollment, retention, student success, and student experience, there is no better solution than implementing a community college CRM and here’s why:

1. Helps build better relationships

“Relationship” is a CRM’s middle name.

A constituent relationship management system will help your community college develop your relationships and effectively communicate with all the people (volunteers, advisors, recruiters, etc.) and organizations (schools, employers, community-based groups, etc.) that help you engage and enroll your class.

You’ll even be able to determine the value of each of these relationships, so you can focus on the people, organizations, and places that matter most.

2. Enables you to quickly access actionable data

A relationship management crm will help your community college collect, organize, and quickly access the student data you need to enroll your class.

In addition, because the system will help you standardize your students data, you’ll be able to easily compare data year-over-year, and run trend analyses to better predict future outcomes and come up with new recruitment solutions and programs.

3. Boosts productivity

Your team can automate repetitive tasks and programs, doing more, faster and more accurately.

For example, you’ll have the ability to automate your communication plan, access your campaign results in real-time, run advanced/granular searches with just a few clicks, and import and export data smoothly … all of which will give your staff more time and resources to focus on the student experience.

4. Enables you to personalize communications

A CRM will make it easier for you to segment your database, and to get the right message to the right students at the right time.

For example, speaking to what students’ are interested in will improve the quality of interactions you have with them … and in turn, lead to better results.

5. Lessen the burden on IT for support

You already know how busy your IT department is and the admissions process is complicated enough already.

The right solution will let you take advantage of its benefits without putting a strain on your IT department … or requiring you to add people to your staff for implementation or ongoing support.

6. Enables you to access vital admissions data on a mobile device.

If you want to be able to get work done while you’re away from your computer, the right CRM (one that’s been “responsively designed”) will enable you to access vital higher education admissions data from your phone or tablet.

For example, if you want to add a student, look up a record, or review email campaign results without logging into your computer, choose an admissions solution that’s designed specifically to work on your tablet or smartphone.

7. Helps you keep pace with today’s higher education market

Now more than ever, community colleges are investing in a new CRM to help with their higher ed recruitment efforts, so now’s the time to ensure you’re not getting left behind.

What’s next?

I encourage you to check out our helpful guides to choosing a CRM. Keep in mind that Fire Engine RED offers Fireworks – a CRM that’s built specifically for community colleges.