Nearly a third of our clients used to do Search in-house. So, why’d they make the switch to Fire Engine RED? Here’s what they told us …

  • They weren’t able to get the results they wanted. Last Search cycle, our Senior Search clients realized a return in Net Revenue of 14.5 times (on average) their investment. And our Junior & Sophomore Search clients saw a 22% increase in inquiries (on average) year-over-year.
  • They wanted to know what strategies have worked for other institutions. We’ve partnered with a wide variety of schools since 2007, so we know what works (and what doesn’t) and we have the results to prove it.
  • They were spending too much time and money in-house. We create Search campaigns that are priced for schools’ budgets.
  • They knew they were buying too many of the wrong names, and wasting money on marketing to them. We’re able to create predictive models that optimize clients’ list purchases by focusing on the right student populations and growth markets.
  • They were sending print pieces to too many students. We’ve developed strategies to enable clients to focus their print materials where they’d have the biggest impact.
  • They had one or two staff members who were responsible for Search – and/or not enough strategic expertise required to do Search effectively. We have 10+ Search experts that contribute to every project, including a team of senior strategists.
  • They didn’t have the design skills (specifically Responsive Design expertise) to create electronic campaigns that students could easily view, and engage with, on smartphones and tablets. We’re able to design email messages, forms, and applications – using Responsive Design.
  • They didn’t have the resources to produce the multiple email messages and templates necessary to achieve the best results. We create 12 messages for Seniors, and nine messages for Juniors and Sophomores. Each message has a distinct design to keep students engaged throughout your entire campaign.
  • They knew segmentation was important, but didn’t have the resources to do it in-house. We’re able to segment communication for different student populations to maximize results.
  • Their CRM couldn’t provide them with useful, actionable reports. We’re able to report on the Search metrics they need, such as level of engagement and ROI.

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