“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Getting to Fireworks.

Three years ago we set out to build an admissions CRM.

At the time, there were nearly 20 CRM solutions on the market — but our clients told us they wanted something different.

So we started down the road to CRM, but something didn’t feel right. We realized that the product we were building wasn’t what the market really needed. So we stopped.

And we started again. This time, our goal was to make a simpler, more user-friendly product — one admissions offices would actually WANT to use.

But, something still was not right. It fell short of our vision. It wasn’t simple enough. It wasn’t delightful enough. WE wouldn’t have wanted to use it. So we stopped, again.

This time we did something radical. We scrapped it all — the design and the code. We brought in new leadership. And we started again.

This time — we created Fireworks.

Simply Different … by design.


Jim Slavin is our Executive Vice President of Enrollment Software. Prior to joining Fire Engine RED, Jim was the Director of Admission and Enrollment Software Services for Recruitment PLUS. No one understands the CRM needs and pain-points of admissions offices better than Jim!

Dana DeLaurentis is our Executive Vice President of Design & Innovation. An Apple, Inc. alumna, she spent three years at LEVEL Studios. There, she led a team of 45 in creating software products and marketing campaigns on behalf of Apple. Dana helps deliver on our vision for Fireworks using her expertise in designing software the “Apple way.”

Allan Kiezel leads our CRM Innovation team and is responsible for connecting the business requirements and user experience. Allan’s commitment to our company’s vision, coupled with his passion for cutting-edge technology and his master coding skills has brought Fireworks to life.

Ryan Barresi is an award-winning interaction designer, and leads our User Experience team. Ryan’s compassion for the user, coupled with his obsession for details, has made Fireworks a functional work of art.

What Fireworks is.

We strive to delight our clients with beautiful, simple, and powerful software that’s built specifically for the people who work in admissions offices. Fireworks provides user interface elements that are familiar, intuitive, and easy to find and use.

We know admissions.

Over a third of our team members have worked in higher education. So we understand the reality of the admissions office: staff will get interrupted, and have to wear many hats. We weave this understanding into our software.


Global Search.

Our Global Search functionality is fast and powerful – and will provide you with a Google®-like experience. We’re using the same laser-like precision search technology as Netflix®, Ticketmaster®, and Zappos®.

Speed & scalability.

Your time is valuable. Fireworks is lightning fast – you’ll be able to dramatically increase your day-to-day productivity. Fireworks is also future-friendly – built for the needs of today, and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.


Ideal for mobile.

The Fireworks user experience is based in Responsive Design to adapt to ANY device, including smartphones and tablets. So Fireworks is ideal for staffers on the go, whether they’re traveling, or in the field with students and parents.

Designed for accessibility.

A non-trivial portion of Fire Engine RED’s client base is affected by visual and hearing impairment. So we’ve designed Fireworks for accessibility, by making functionality a priority over aesthetics, using HTML5 semantic code in implementation, complying with Section 508 Color Contrast Guidelines, and more.


Known for Client Care.

Fire Engine RED has built a reputation for exceptional Client Care. We provide our clients with unlimited training and support at no additional cost. And we offer live support 365 days and evenings a year.

What Fireworks is NOT.

Fireworks is NOT a “developer-driven” product. It doesn’t require dedicated IT resources and days (or weeks) of training. And it’s not a re-branded Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics/Zoho “solution” originally designed for another industry.